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Neelakantha Bhanu is to math, what Usain Bolt is to running.

Bhanu’s Achievements

“ Make your child the next human calculator ” - Neelakantha Bhanu -
World’s Fastest Human Calculator
6-16 Age Group
30-100 Live Sessions

What Student's will learn

Basic arithmetic operations

Visualisation and Computation techniques

Exploring the world of geometry

Introduction to Abstract Math

Math behind Coding

Learn the Math behind AI

Write your first AI algorithm

Explore the world around you with Math

Understand the world of Data Science

Know how YouTube and Netflix recommends

Top Benefits for Student's

Become 4X quicker, without tips and shortcuts in 3 months

Become a Math Pro in 4 months

Get hands on experience of real world technologies in 9 months

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Zero cost EMI

Progress Report

Doubt Sessions

Access To Arithmetic Games

1 Masterclass with Bhanu Every Month

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1. Will my child do well in school Mathematics?

— Academic improvement is a straightaway change that we see in students who join our course. On top of academic improvement, our courses develop children’s computational abilities and thinking patterns.

2. Is this similar to ABACUS or Vedic Maths?

— The speed math techniques that we teach do not involve any tools, tricks or shortcuts. Children will stop using pens and paper for calculations by learning organic methods with us.

3. How is this different from coding classes?

— Becoming an ingenious coder is close to impossible without understanding the Mathematical nuances behind coding, and we exactly teach that in our courses.

4. Will my child become the next human calculator?

— Becoming the next human calculator depends on a lot of other external factors but we can undoubtedly assure you that this is the right place to begin that journey.

5. Did Neelakantha Bhanu design the courses?

— After years and years of research by collecting over 20000 data points, the Fastest Human Calculator Neelakantha Bhanu exactly nailed down the essence of how each child is capable of learning Math through these courses.

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